The Girls Advancing in STEM (GAINS) Initiative connects girls and women with a passion for STEM subjects to support, encourage, teach and inspire one another!
The GAINS Network

The GAINS Network is a school-based virtual community for high school girls interested in STEM.                                   


The GAINS Conference

2016 GAINS Conference from GAINS Network on Vimeo.

The GAINS Conference is an annual event for high school girls interested in STEM fields. 

  • Explore STEM careers and STEM mentors.
  • Connect with other high schools girls interested in STEM.
  • Tour STEM facilities.
  • Meet and connect with women working in STEM fields.
  • Hear about cutting-edge research being conducted by women in STEM fields and engage in hands on activities.

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From the GAINS Network


· Antoinette Decker
Trends in STEM and Trends in Fashion. Today we move into our new mircrobiology lab! We are wearing our favorite sneakers.....#lovingthesneakertrend #girlsinstem #fashionandsciencetogether #ibelonghere stemtrends001 from GAINS Network on Vimeo.

Introductory post

· Antoinette Decker
  I'm Ann! I teach science, love STEM topics and am the director of the GAINS Initiative.  My love of science stared in high school biology class - I loved the cell!   I studied biology and chemistry and then genes that regulate cell division.  I have been teaching high school for almost 20 years. This picture is of the PCR machine I built  @ the WAAG in Amsterdam this summer! I think biohacking is cool.  Hope to hear from you soon.