Want to inspire? Tell your story.

This past week several students had the opportunity to visit Dr. Ward, a surgeon who specializes in breast surgery/surgical oncology. During our time with Dr. Ward she shared her story – how did she decide to become a surgeon? Why breast surgery? What was her biggest challenge? What did she study in college? It was a candid and honest conversation.   She introduced us to a couple of her colleagues, a radiologist and a medical oncologist who explained their role in patient treatment. So, what can a small group of high school girls learn from spending just a bit of time with women (and men) working in a STEM field? A lot! On our way back to campus we talked about the commitment, dedication and enthusiasm of the people we encountered and how the girls could see themselves in the adults they met that morning. We also discussed the wide variety of career options in medicine, something they area just beginning to explore. It was a short meeting but they came away with inspiration, a glimpse into what’s possible and a feeling that they could do this; that they belong here.  Thank you to all of you who take time to talk with girls who express interest in STEM careers. Rest assured that every story shared has an impact.

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