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Week 5

This week, I was much busier STEM-wise than in previous weeks and I really enjoyed it! Early in the week, Don emailed me with the first R challenge: importing two data sets into R, merging them, and then creating a scatterplot, histogram, and boxplot of the combined results. The boxplot was to be separated by gender. It was fun to have an immediate goal to work towards!

On Tuesday, Dr. Guenst came to the lab and met Don and Peter. Unfortunately Dr. Davis was not there, so when explaining her my project, if there was something I was unsure about, we had to look up the answers. I have learned from this experience to ask Dr. Davis more questions as quickly as I can to help me convey what I am researching in simplistic language. That is a very important skill to have, and I hope that as I begin working on the actual project, it will begin to develop. While Dr. Guenst was in the lab, Peter was helping me install Metaxcan on my computer. However, there was something wrong with my Anaconda installation because it was not working. He eventually told me to reinstall it and figured out which buttons to check during the installation, and thankfully, it worked!

I spent the rest of the week completing the R challenge. I was unable to meet with Dr. Davis this week, but have emailed her to set up a time to meet next week. I hope in our meeting we can discuss the Metaxcan instillation, how I will keep an electronic lab notebook, and what comes next. Also, Don should soon email me the second R challenge. Dr. Davis emailed the Tourette's proposal to the work-group, so hopefully they we will have positive news on that soon! I am signed up for an "Intro to Unix Course" on Halloween and am very excited about it!

Finally, I received my evaluations and know what I need to work on in the future. I am glad to receive such constructive, clear feedback. Going forward, I will make sure to include everything I do in the lab in my lab notebook and always record meetings when I have one with Dr. Davis. I am happy there is room for improvement, and will work harder to achieve my goals!