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Week 3

I FINALLY was able to start going into the lab! Except, because I do not yet have a VUNetID, I couldn't actually work on anything, I talked with Dr. Davis a lot about the plan. When I first walked in, Peter was there, working on some project (relating to gender dysphoria I think). We talked for a while about what I would be doing and what he has done in the past. I reviewed others' research plans. Then, Dr. Davis came in and we went over the outline for the research plan. I will apparently be creating a proposal to submit to the Tourette's center very similar to this research plan. 

She also told me that before I actually begin working on the project, I will need to complete R practice problems and run a few tests on Metascan, the website I will be using. Dr. Davis also helped to clarify some other things. I was initially under the impression that I would be looking at SNPs, singular nucleotide polymorphisms, and try to figure out which gene they affect -- which then affect the phenotype of Tourette's syndrome. However, she explained to me that this data has already been collected! What I will be doing is using their data to determine whether these genes create high or low effects in the phenotype of Tourette's syndrome! Very interesting.

I worked on my research plan for a long time this weekend. Only, Dr. Davis is not yet sure how Metascan works so while I was able to describe what I would be doing, I could not describe how it will be done. I hope in the next couple of weks we can figure this out! I would like to start working on this project as soon as possible! Overall it was a very fun week. I can't begin to start working