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Medical School Discussion Happening Here!!!

Renny, Caroline and Bari!  Welcome to GAINS!

Thank you for taking time to connect with our students and share your medical school experience.  I was hoping you would start the conversation by posting a bit about how you became interested in attending medical school.  

GAINS Students feel free to respond and ask questions!  Our volunteers will log in a over the next two days to respond!

  • Hi! I'm Maddie Galbraith and a senior at Greenwich Academy in Greenwich, CT. I am interested in liberal arts colleges but I want to go into the sciences and medicine. Do you think this will hurt my chances of being a competitive medical school applicant? Do you think there is anything I need to prioritize at a liberal arts school in order to be better prepared for medical school? Thanks so much for answering our questions!

    • Hi Maddie, 

      Thanks for your question! I definitely do not think it will hurt your chances as a medical school applicant if you attend a liberal arts college! I, too, was interested in science and medicine but attended Yale University. I found it very manageable, and enjoyed having the opportunity to take classes besides those that were STEM-oriented! 

      A few recommendations: 

      1) Definitely reach out to the pre-medical advisor at your college to make sure you are on track to complete all of your requirements for medical school. Additionally, you may place out of some basic sciences based on the classes you took at GA, so it is helpful to have this guidance! 

      2) Volunteer! Whether it is at a clinic or at the hospital in your town, it is never too early to get that community service started. 

      3) Research! Talk to older premedical students or your pre-medical advisor about clinical / lab research you can do during your summers.

      Good luck! 


      • Hi Julia, 

        Thanks so much for your questions! My answers are below: 

        1) I definitely did not feel like my choice to pursue medicine limited the classes I took at college! I attended a liberal arts college. Although it sometimes took a little bit of juggling, I was able to take classes across a wide range of subjects (history, English, film studies...you name it!) while also completing my pre-medical requirements. I will say that for the most part, many of my pre-medical classmates did pursue majors in the sciences (biology, engineering, chemistry), but there are definitely exceptions. One of my closest friends was an English major at Stanford and went on to attend medical school at Harvard!

        2) I think that it is helpful to know you want to be in medicine early on in college for two reasons: completing your requirements and getting good extracurricular experiences. However, you can certainly make it work if you are not 100% sure! My suggestion would be to take 1-2 science classes your freshman year so that if you decide you DO want to pursue a career in medicine, you can complete your pre-medical requirements without having to do a post-bac program. Additionally, it is becoming increasingly common to take time off between college and medical school (I took 3 years off!) so you can certainly have time to get some good volunteering/research experience under your belt. 

        Good luck!


        • Thank you so much. I really appreciate it!


          • Thank you so much Bari! I'll definitely keep your advice in mind as I work toward becoming a doctor! <3