Month Theme
September Getting started.
October Chemistry Month! Click here for details!
  • mentor event TBD
  • Mole day is October 23!
  • GAINS speaker live stream October 29 10:30am EST! Details coming soon!
November Focus on Medicine
  • Antibiotic awareness week is this month!
  • mentor event - medicine
December Focus on Computer Science
  • GAINS speaker live stream: focus on Computer Science - December 3 10:30 EST
  • Hour of Code is this month!
January Summer STEM enrichment + Academic bumps in the road.
  • mentor event TBD
  • student summer experience feature
  • GAINS speaker live stream January 28 10:30am EST!
February Focus on Engineering. Explore Engineering!
  • Sharing your STEM world! Submit a video to GAINS that tells the story of your GAINS group/STEM group work this year!
  • Upload your video to this folder by February 27th and we will select several our the "best of" event in March!
  • When you submit a video you (and those featured) will recieve one of our our coveted GAINS water bottles!
March Outreach - sharing your love of STEM! Got an outreach project? STEM project highlights!
April Earth Day is this month!
  • Focus on Environmental Science and Conservation
  • GAINS speaker live stream dates TBD
  • mentor event TBD
May School year wrap-up and planning for next year