Join our September one-to-one pairing event!

You will be paired with a GAINS STEM volunteer/role model for two video chat sessions over a two week time period!  

  • Connect with one of our STEM volunteers for advise and information about their career and career path. 
  • Become more comfortable with meeting new people in the context of an informational interview.  

Theme:  “Informational interview: Don’t fear the awkward”.  

Goal:  Practice connecting with professionals for the purpose of gaining insight into career paths and advice. 

Platform: Video conference through GAINS Network.

Format:  Students and their assigned GAINS role model/volunteer connect by video conference (through the network platform) two times over two weeks.  Video meetings can be scheduled based on student and role model availability and are meant to last 20-30 minutes.

Time commitment:   20-30 minute session over one week

Date range: September 17 - September 25.  

Click here to sign up!   You MUST be a current GAINS Network member to participate!  Not a member? 

Contact us at:


Need some advice to get started?

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September Guide and Events
Number of Meetings Discussion Topics or Activities
  • Request GAINS Network Account by clicking here
  • decide on meeting time and frequency
  • discuss goals and objectives of group
  • determine student leaders (if not already known)
  • One
  • Would you like help getting started?
  • Schdule a video chat to help get you started!
  • decide on meeting time and frequency
  • discuss goals and objectives of group
  • One
  • Review the GAINS calendar. Do you have suggestions? Let us know!
  • Share/discuss experience of your video confernce(s)