GAINS Network Volunteer Information
Volunteer Information

What it means to be a GAINS Mentor/Role Model

A key feature of the GAINS Network is the participation of female mentors and role models. GAINS mentors/role models are women in STEM-related professions who are active members of the network and available to students through the network platform. Volunteers can determine their level of time commitment. At a minimum we ask that you log in each week to respond to student inquires about your STEM profession and/or education – a time commitment of about 20 minutes each week. For those whose schedules permit a bit more interaction, we host a variety of virtual events that you can opt into throughout the school year, depending on your schedule (see below).

Option to Participate in Virtual Events

Our virtual events highlight a subset of our network mentors/role models and are structured to encourage conversation by using a group discussion format, live video feed or recorded interviews hosted by student members.  You can opt into these events when you sign up to join the network or wait for us to send a call out to current GAINS volunteers for a specific event. There are lots of ways to be involved and we are confident we have one that will fit your schedule.

Getting Started

If you have been referred through a member school please contact the GAINS Leader at that school for more information.  

If you are unsure of the contact or are not affiliated with a member school please reach out to us directly at: