GAINS Network Volunteer Information
Volunteer Information

Our virtual community consists of high school girls interested in STEM fields and women who are currently working or studying in these fields.

GAINS mentors/role models are women in STEM-related professions who are active members of the network and available to students through the network platform. 

A key feature of the GAINS Network is the participation of female mentors and role models. GAINS mentors/role models are women in STEM-related professions who are active members of the network and available to students through the network platform. Volunteers can determine their level of time commitment. At a minimum we ask that you log in each week to respond to student inquires about your STEM profession and/or education – a time commitment of about 10 minutes. For those whose schedules permit a bit more interaction, we host a variety of virtual events that you can opt into throughout the school year, depending on your schedule (see below).

Option to Participate in Virtual Events

Our virtual events highlight a subset of our network mentors/role models and are structured to encourage conversation by using a group discussion format, live video feed or recorded interviews hosted by student members.  You can opt into these events when you sign up to join the network or wait for us to send a call out to current GAINS volunteers for a specific event. There are lots of ways to be involved and we are confident we have one that will fit your schedule.

You can indicate interest in specific events as part of this application.

If you are interested in joining our community complete the Volunteer Information form found here. 

Possible virtual events

STEM town hall: panel or individual

This is a live online discussion with GAINS members hosted on our network platform.  Role models can be featured alone or in a panel format.   Time commitment:  We anticipate a 60 minute commitment with  20 minutes to get set up and test the system followed by a 30 minute live event.   We ask that you login to the network and respond to follow-up questions once a day for the three days following the event.  5-10minutes a day.

A Day in the Life

Take over our social media accounts for  a day or two.  The goal is to give our members a sense of what your day is like. We will give you access to our Hootsuite account which will allow you to post directly to all of our social media outlets:  GAINS Network, Facebook, twitter and instagram at the same time.   We ask that you post 4 -5 times a day - each post will take just a few minutes.  

STEM Career Highlight

You will be featured in a video that highlights your work and career path. The video will be posted in the network and highlighted for one week.  During that time we ask that you log in once a day to respond to student  questions or comments on the video feature.   The video recording should take no longer than an hour.  The timing of the video launch is really up to you so you can determine what works for your schedule.  Logging into the network once a day to respond - 10 minutes a day for a week. 


A discussion event takes place over 3 or 4 days in the GAINS network.  The GAINS role model (volunteer) submits a quick (30 second) introduction video to be posted the week before the event.  The discussion is opened on a specific date and remains open until the event ends. Student’s login and post questions to the discussion and the assigned volunteers respond.  This event is asynchronous - students and volunteers can log in at any time to post.

Volunteer Time commitment: 10-20 minutes a day for 3 or 4 days

Before the event:

2 minutes to make a quick introductory video (on your phone!).

5 minutes to make a profile on the GAINS Network (if you don’t already have one)

Send your cv, bio or linkedIn profile for posting prior to the event.

During the event:

Respond to student questions within the discussion.

One-to-one pairing event

You will be matched with one of our high school or college members who has an interest in your field of work or study.  You can communicate through the GAINS platform (chat, video chat, message) to address student questions and share your insights.   This is  asynchronous so you can login and respond at times that match your schedule.  Login to the network once a day for a week to respond to member questions. Maximum time should be  20 minutes a day.